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Bits & pieces on leadership: sample issue (pdf)

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Leadership is the ability to make people want to follow willingly. Few individuals are born with strong leadership skills, but fortunately they can be learned. Bits & Pieces on Leadership is a concise, easy to read, collection of executive experience designed to help you benefit from the hard-won success of others.

Bits & Pieces on Leadership delivers quotes, stories, and commonsense examples to clearly illustrate how to become an effective leader. It entertains, motivates, and offers valuable insights into the art of managing people, working with people, and getting along with people.

Each issue will inspire you to become a better manager and enable you to help others achieve both personal and professional goals. Subscribe today and learn why thousands of managers look forward to getting their copy of Bits & Pieces on Leadership.

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Originated: 1986
Price: Pricing information
Frequency: 12 issues per year