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Bits & pieces (cover image)

Bits & Pieces

For more than 35 years, Bits & Pieces has motivated readers with a unique combination of wisdom and inspiration. Each issue is filled with quotes, anecdotes, and common sense advice to help you face your daily challenges with a renewed energy.

Download a sample issue (PDF: 606 KB)

Bits & pieces on leadership (cover image)

Bits & Pieces on Leadership

Leadership is the ability to make people want to follow—willingly. Few individuals are born with strong leadership skills, but fortunately they can be learned. Bits & Pieces on Leadership is a concise, easy to read, collection of executive experience designed to help you benefit from the hard-won success of others.

Download a sample issue (PDF: 751 KB)

Quotation mark "No matter what situation you are in right now, there is a purpose to that situation….By working with the specific conditions in front of you, you will begin to discover things about yourself that will give you clues to the next step. Your job will be to look, listen, feel, choose, and act."
Carol Adrienne
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Featured book

The best of bits & pieces: leather-bound edition

The Best of Bits & Pieces
The Leather-Bound Edition

Many of our readers have asked if we would put all this good advice into one volume so they can mark their favorite parts and refer to them quickly and easily. So we've taken their advice and created an ongoing series of the most inspiring, uplifting books you'll ever read. (We also offer a series of Best Of Bits & Pieces books in large print for customers that prefer that format.)

Deal of the week

Starting Out: You get ideas on learning, dreams, goals, success—and the journey.

This book, Starting Out: Quotes to inspire your success, brings you quotes for the high school graduate, the college graduate, or anyone beginning anew. Encourage your loved ones with this keepsake book.

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